Video Summaries
Below are three short videos editied from clips I shot on the April - June 2002 rides. Audio from interviews with Massers have been woven together to explain how CCM is slowly challenging Chicago's urban form.

CCM is fun.
Cyclists claim the streets, "creating a new sphere of public space" during the rides where streets become human (Ferrell, 2001; Culley, 2002; interviews with O'Rourke, Kilgore, Burton, Kopald and Kaplan).-- Where riders enjoy the safety of riding through an urban space, normally devoted to individuals removed from their surrounding inside an automobile, with like-minded pro-cycling individuals. The experience is generally fun, sensual and uplifting. Ride along with massers as they take over Lake Shore Drive on the May 2002 ride. high quality video >>

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CCM is an empowering aesthetic experience.
Cyclists report they feel more safe on the road after riding in mass, and many recreational cyclists have become everyday cyclists after riding in mass. Listen to Massers describe this feeling as they over the Eisenhower Expressway in June of 2002. high quality video >>

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CCM challenges the form of Chicago's streets.
By converting recreational cyclists to everyday cyclists, CCM is transforming not only how the city space is used during the ride, but also in everyday practice. The strong cycling community created by CCM has also strengthened the voice of Bicycling in Urban planning and zoning laws. Hear more and see massers celebrate May Day on the April 2002 ride. high quality video >>

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Most rides do not take place on highways or other roadways that are illegal for bikes. Most take place on side streets and main drags. It just so happened that two of the three rides I videotaped took over these spaces. Both rides were pitched and received the most votes. However, both rides had opposition and a sizable number of Massers left the rides early because they disapproved with riding on the Expressway and/or Lake Shore Drive. They argue that such spaces are dangerous, particularly for families on the ride or people on funny bikes. Some didn't want to blatantly break the law. Others felt it was not spreading the message of "sharing the road" that they envision the mass promoting.


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